Operational office chair

Operational office chair

We talk about office chairs operational when it comes to ergonomic chairs suitable for continuous use.
The material most commonly used for these office chairs are texture or technical fabric.
Office chairs may be operating in the oscillating version or the version with synchronized mechanism of the seat and backrest.
Executive Seats

With executive chairs usually we means the office chairs and swivel wheels, coordinated by visitors stationary sofas and chairs, sled or wheels.

The material most frequently used for the armchairs is the eco leather.

The armchairs can be found in both the pivoting mechanism is the version with synchronized seat and backrest.
Presidential Armchairs

For presidential office chairs usually we usually means that the chairs are made in leather or fabric quality, with chrome or polished or wood base and armrests. These seats can swivel.
What distinguishes these office chairs is the use of high quality materials. Please have a look promemoria or azucena produts.

office furniture

OFFICE chairs this is a short contribution of office chairs.

The office chairs should be not only beautiful, but also functional and stable, you can found them in all price categories, expensive and cheap, but which one suit you, which one is the one good for you!!! Let's choose your office chair then!! To choose the right office chair, we may need to pay attention to our individual needs, the one it actually fits you is the one it should be the perfect adaptation to our body. There are many distinction between presidential chairs, armchairs and executive seats, which are distinguished from the characteristics of Presidential Armchairs (Poltrone presidenziali), Executive Seats (Poltrone direzionali) and Operational Office (Poltrone operative)


design is made of wit, intelligence, art and emotional stimulation. Due to these distinctive features, the design world has been enriched, both in economic terms and in terms of content-expressive.
The design has favored the growth of infinite size business in the world that moving the steps to their functional references, iconic, historic and unique concept has given rise to large positive.
We have continued to increase our capacity (planning, intellectual, moral, spiritual, scientific and technical), creating "things and houses" that have left and are leaving the memory of himself, which were able to turn into posters and sustainability not only , basing his challenge on building an amazing future based on ethical values ​​with the intent to improve our space-time bubble.
The mix design dream, ideology, discipline and method giving value to the matter and its transformation.


DERAM "Good design is about turning dreams into reality" (John Saladino)

Every successful project begins with a good design. And every good design starts with a dream and reality.

Have you identified your dream?

Are you acting on your dreams?

If you’re the one with the dream .. then ... the designer helps turn that dream into reality.

"Design"  is made of intelligence, art and emotional stimulation.

These elements, distinctive from each other, encapsulates a planet called 'design'.

Design has been enhanced in terms of content-economic and expressive.

Design has helped me to grow, dreams made ​​of a mixture of ideology and passion that I can give a value to the matter and its transformation.

Change style!! It's easy!!

Would you like to move house but you can't.

Higher rents, the economic crisis, the reasons may and different, but to move house at this timeis not easy!! So why not change our home? We don't need to spend a fortune? Is not always

necessary to empty our bank account. Let's follow few steps togheter!!

The result will be amazing!


Talking about wallpaper and the tendency is a big issue and not easy!! ok then! welcome to the new era of wall papers: the patterns and color combinations are endless, from the updated classic to pop, from modern to vintage. Remember the color is not necessary to fill an entire room, just create the effect of a wall or two walls at an angle. The macro patterns are beautiful but make sure that your wall is big enough to develop the whole picture. Have a look a tose beautiful website: www.rubelli.com,www.designersguild.com, www.jannellievolpi.it, www.farrow-ball.com, www.andrewmartin.co.uk, www.cole-and-son.com, www.lopificio.it, www.loropiana.com, www.dedar.com, www.wallanddeco.com.


THROW RUG MOTHER'S AWAY!! There are carpets unusual shapes and spirit: the Rosa by Paola Lenti, or written as those proposed by JC de Castelbajac, who give a boost of color and creating style and happiness.Puoi an effect from the Berber tent or choose a macro that takes up almost the entire room. The carpet can warm the environment, they make the rooms more welcome. Try always to choose a rug that recalls the colors of the room: a contrasting color can be boring too strong www.christopherfarr.com, www.taipingcarpets.com, www.altai.it, www.kasthall.com, www.nanimarquina.com, www.danskina.com, www.kasthall.com, www.ruckstuhl.com, www.gtdesign.it, www.floortoheaven.comwww.vorwerk-carpet.comhttp://www.leqr.itwww.danskina.comwww.balsan.comwww.burmatex.co.uk, www.danskina.com

The Lamps ARE like sculpture!!

Choose a lamp is NOT always a risk. It can be easier .. NO worries!! Make sure the room is illuminated, have several lights in the same environment. It helps to create atmosphere. The floor and table lamps are an excellent solution. There are also lamps that look like modern sculptures off, as the catellani and smith light have a look those web site: www.catellanismith.com, www.artemide.com, www.flos.com, www.slidedesign.it, www.valentiluce.it, http://andreaclairestudio.com


We already talk about stickers, remember? Let's refresh this issue!!
A tip: You can decorate the head of the bed, design a beautiful pattern. Remember: if you want to fill the wall choose a pattern that is modular.
Web: www.silviastickers.it, www.domestic.fr, www.jannellievolpi.it, www.nouvellesimages.biz.
The idea of ​​color do not fully convincing! No Problem let's decorated a wall may be this is the solution. There are several companies that commercially produce the fantastic stickers. What are they? Of colored stickers that can be applied on the wall but also on the furniture, washable, convenient to apply and when you're tired of seeing just disconnect them without any damage to the surface and chep!!


In England, as elsewhere in Europe, the crisis has reduced the purchase of houses. So the English could not move house so often, but they change the may time colors on the walls for example. This trend confirms the sales of the famous English colors that Farrow & Ball last year ! THEY increased sales by approximately 30%. The colors give a taste and customize the environment.
A tip: if you're not convinced to paint the whole room begins with the largest wall and not be afraid to be bold with the bold colors. By banning only the fluorescent!
Web: www.farrow-ball.com, www.sikkens.it.

Let's talk about colour decoration

Colour is simply light of different wavelengths and frequencies and light is just one form of energy that we can actually see that is made up from photons.
Remember we are all surrounded by electromagnetic waves of energy of which colour is only a small part.

Let's talk about it!!
1_The possible meanings of Colour
2_How Colours can Help and Effect Your Body
3_How to Enhance Colour and Bring it in to Your Life

Red - Excitement, Power, Aggressive, Strong, Heavy
Blue - Peace,Strength, Comfort, Dependable
Yellow - Brightness, Spring, Caution
Green - Lucky, Wealth, Nature, Food
Brown - Nature, Aged, Wisdom
Orange - Warmth, Excitement, Energy
Pink - Soft, Childlike, Feminine
Purple - Sophisticated, Dignified, Royalty, Religion
Black - Dramatic, Classy, Serious
Gray - High Tech, Business, Cold, Distinctive
White/Silver - Clean, Pure, Simple
Natural - Think Trees, Sky, Beach, Sea and Sand

sTICKERS: how to use them!!

Remove transfer tape from one corner & slowly roll along the surface. Lay your sticker on a hard, flat surface and rub firmly over the decal with a squeegee like the credit card. Finish the application by rubbing over the entire vinyl decal with the squeegee in order to remove any air bubble and activate the bond between the vinyl graphic and the surface Remove the white backing. Arrange the vinyl decal on the desired surface. Smooth the top edge onto the surface and firmly smooth out the tape all the way down, avoiding bubbling and wrinkles. REMEMBER !! Easy to set-up Raging decals are also easy to remove without damaging surfaces. Simply follow the instructions.

Stickers solution N°2

No space
... No problem

Many people ask me to resolve problem in smallest space Example? The hall is very important !!! Remember the people look at your flat from the beginning!! Is like your business card, from that you can image al the rest!! Look at this picture the hall coat rack
solution for example!


Stickers are the always the cheapest solution with high result.

Look at this sample! Do we need to spend money for the head board and get tired of it!
We can use a simple bed but we can simply decorate a great shape headboard! Also, we can change it every season or year!!

in this console ...
I like to play with contrast like the sample showed

in this case I have located one shelves in plexiglass, clear colour adding the light below !!
The outcome was

obviously (ɒbvɪəslɪ) BELLISSIMO

how to mix high class design with contemporary art?

Simple try to give a nice harmony felling ... no too could no to busy. Keep simple! If you are not sure about colours do not use strong one! In this picture you can see we have a nice prestigious English old imperial table using www.promemoria.it chairs with Maiorano pictures..

done it!!

Design it!

what is it?

a hot-water bottle?
cool-box?shopping bag?cool bag?
travel bag? No nO it is a handbag.
but what is all abOut?
new idEa of bag? what Is iT?
where is it the baG?
is about immagination ..
No nO it is a handbag.
No nO it is a handbag.

Retail design formula :

creativity + innovation = imagination
creativity are new ideas
innovation: new way of doing something
imagination: Albert Einstein said, "Imagination…is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited.
What do YOU say?